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    Overall, my family is pretty good. My family gets along pretty well. I do have a few jerk relatives, mostly in my extended family.

    People I have issues with:

    Bashir - He's the husband of one of my older cousins. He's rather cocky and self-righteous. Another thing is that he's very impulsive. He actually got in trouble for beating up my dad's younger brother. He was arrested, but his dad bailed him out.

    Imran - My second cousin who is 23 years older than me. When his grandmother (my paternal grandpa's oldest sister) died, he made it obvious that he was eyeing her property in Lebanon. My aunt's husband was quite well-to-do, and he had property holdings. Imran's oldest son is also a real brat, and he gets to play violent video games despite only being 11.

    Nada - One of my dad's maternal cousins. She's very catty and manipulative. She hates kids, so she and her (now ex) husband never had any. She also had a really nasty cat who she treated like a queen. It scratched my brother. I called her cat Lucifer after the Disney one. Its actual name was Sabeen, and I named my first Liepard after it. When that cat died last December I was so happy.

    Hussein - My mum's sister's ex. He acted like a pig to everyone (especially me), and he had sympathy for Hezbollah. I was so glad that my aunt divorced him. Of course, he recently got married again - to some dumb chick who's younger than his own daughter.
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