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Racism exists! But it isn't exactly widespread, except perhaps towards boat people (refugees).As an Australian I don't believe that blonde hair and blue eyes is considered more attractive, yes the mainstream population is caucasian but really we aren't some German aryan race, I know plenty of white Australians with brown, black, even red hair. Also, todays values are having a tan is desirable over being pasty white so I'd say having a meditteranean appearance would actually be considered quite sexy.

Now, yes muslims and people of Arab descent get victimised quite a bit, unfortunately due to the fact that we're fighting muslim extremists in the Middle East so any woman in a Burqha or man with a turban and beard=terrorist dog. Sadly I think a lot of people believe that, I won't deny it. America is the same. Indians and Asians get racism too, but not as badly as you think, we aren't in the 1950's anymore. Besides, who's making the racist remarks? Bogans, lower class centrelink scum who are uneducated and very vocal. I'd like to think the vast majority of working, middle and upper classes are not racist and are tolerant for the most part. The truth is just as small groups of Lebanese make your community look bad so too do small numbers of anglo-saxons, like that only lady on the bus who was screaming on the bus at an ABC reporter for no reason, or the gangs of lads on the trains what with their snapbacks and whatever other ridiculous clothing they wear, spitting everywhere and calling Indians curry munchers and you a dirty arab or whatever it might be. It does occur but hopefully most people are just normal citizens not full of hate who just want to get on with their lives. By the way, since when does the MEDIA depict Aborigines as savages? I don't flick on channel 10 news and hear about how Aborigines are all drunks, child beaters and drug addicts, that may be a perception but the media doesn't promote it, they are very culturally sensitive otherwise you'd whip up a storm of criticism.

It really is just a small but very extreme and vocal minority who are deliberately racist and abusive, at least I hope it is, I can say I know only a few people personally who are racist. Social media does seem to make it a bigger problem with trolls on Facebook pages stirring up all the racists in Australia to scream "sink the filthy arab boats, if you don't like it go back to where you came from!" in the same place. A bigger problem is that ordinary Australians tolerating this sort of behaviour and not standing up for others. If I saw a bunch of racist punks harrasing a muslim woman or old asian man i'd want to stick up for that person, we've got to take the initiative to stamp this out ourselves and not be a bystander to racism ;(
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