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Part Twenty-Five: Knock Knock
Or walking about trying to find someone sane.


Right, what sort of crazies will we encounter next?

Huh, just buildings to greet us.

Another overworld-theme town. Nothing special about it then I guess in that sense.

...You have a house, Not-Sandslash?

Or wait, does this one just belong to another one? It's locked and none of our [KEYS] work.

He has a house too?

Okay, odd information about houses which we can't enter at all. Okay.

Well, there's a shop. And grass.

And this thing again.

Interestingly, for our first fight we have a bunch of monsters who can show up straightaway!

Of course, 3-1 battles are darn easy in this circumstance, and there's really not much besides this e-monster in this area.

But here, we can see Bansis Village is right next to Liz Island. Although it seems the water, lack of direct antenna tree and barrier between there and here doesn't stop the e-monsters much. Not that great a system.

The shop is fine, although maybe not in the sense of its products.

A blender for what, exactly?

I don't think it's called that.

That's exactly what I want to have.

Is it even a song? Or maybe it's what you guys listen to. I'll take your word for it.

Whose grandpa?

Oh, there was this really old clock
It sat next to grandpa's spare sock~

Oh hey, tiny hat ram reappeared! They're wild here.

Excellent! There's a rather interesting dex entry for this, although I'm not sure interesting is quite the word I'm looking for...

Who even came up with this, and how? ...Actually, I probably don't want to know.

Who needs insta-growing grass?

Well this is an odd feature in the middle of town.

Nothing to see here, it seems.

Oh, one of these buildings. We saw one back in Kelina. It somehow has a tree inside it

Of course. Wonder what's in there.

It smells like egg inside.

This might actually be the antenna tree door. Guess we need plot to open it up.

Oh hey, that douche!

I'll note that there was actually a reason in me getting all these screenshots.

Oh look, a green thing in the corner! But let's check these houses first.

Whelp, all locked.

It's alive!

...Not-Sandslash, why is this the only thing we've seen here besides the shopkeepers?

Couldn't you have asked that a few times earlier in these game, Bek? I can think of a few examples...

Besides the shopkeepers, that is. Not very fond of Moving, really.

Did the engrish overcome them?

Honestly Bek why do you keep doing this to yourself?

Seems normal to me so far.

Wait what

Bek the hero to the plot as always.

Well, we were already there, and there wasn't anything interesting.

That won't stop us checking again though!

A for effort right there.

Well... he is a good hider, I'll give him that.


...How did you hear that, and why do you call it sth.?

That was the entire phone call, by the way. No questions, or details, or concern. Just 'I heard some stuff is going on over there!' I suppose it's the game's way to tell you where to go if you (somehow) get lost, but...

Well, still nothing...


Bek isn't a bug. >:[ Not-Sandslash... well, who knows?


Bek gets right to the point.

So I guess this guy is the kidnapper. Okay.

Stompy mc stomp stomp.

Not a bad idea, Bek. Cutting to the chase to the boss battle there.

Oh. Can... you do that?


What what?

Hey where did you go

What did that mean?, without the bridge? Order?

I need a drink.

KESI are you home and do you have any drinkable and safe liquids


How did we get here-

Wrong again? What? I wasn't wrong before.

Why did poking KESI's house teleport us here?

Well... maybe we should try what you said. You mentioned GUMI's house first... stupid Jabba line.

How did we suddenly end up here? Why are we in front of...

...yeah, that guy's house.



Now to explain what's happening! This is a badly worded puzzle in which you need to end up in the middle of this water feature, which can be done by visiting houses in the correct order. Talking to a house teleports you... somehow.

I have no idea why or how, and this really stumped me as a kid. In part because I didn't write down what he said about an order. This part also has a curious effect in that the more often you screw up the faster this kidnapper appears to say you screwed up.

Luckily emulators allow for screenshots! So this puzzle is much easier thank to them serving as notes. And so:

Well that was fun.

We made it!


...we just did. =|

What? Why not? First we can't fight, and then after this stupid puzzle you won't do this anyway? You suck, kidnapper thing.

Yes, what I said, Bek.

Oh. Okay then, I guess?

Wait what now

Another teleportation sequence. Great.

And now we're suddenly here. @[email protected] Why? I don't see any villagers.

Where are we, Not-Sandslash?

Oh, here. Okay then- how did we get from the island to inside this building?

Oh boy.

HITODE you are not helping why would you ask this

I'm not cheating any exam, unless this exam is one on my remaining sanity. In that case I need all the help I can get.

Talking starfish are terrible helpers.

Alright, what is all this about?

This tune comes up again too. That's promising.

Oh, of course. Should have been obvious - teleportation continues to be the theme.

Oh, so you're not a guard or something. Are you kidnapped? If so, why are you just wandering around here.

More teleportation panels!

That's a good question, actually. What is the motive of this kidnapper? He just laughed a lot and refused to fight.

Oh fun. Options.

More fun - a guard! Let's beat him up next time, in I-can't-believe-it's-not-warp-mazes.