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    I'd limit the variety of Pokémon which could possibly hatch from that first egg. Partly because of the reasons mentioned above. But random Pokémon can also mean Arceus, or Groudon (or any other legendary for that matter). This means that if someone has bad luck they get a terrible starter, while having good luck gives you an awesome starter. Even if this is what you want, it causes two problems.
    First of all, if you have an awesome story and epic quest which ends in capturing (fighting) Darkrai (for example). This won't be as interesting when your first Pokémon already was a Darkrai.
    Additionally, what prevents players from restarting in the hope they get a better Pokémon?
    You can, however, still let it choose randomly from a large variety of Pokémon. But instead of all Pokémon, a carefully selected variety. The randomness is interesting and exciting, but can also cause for problems.

    I am also curious about the gameplay up to the point where you get your first Pokémon. This should be fun and interesting and not just exposition and waiting for the egg to hatch. The hatching of the egg should be a moment of "Hey! Awesome! Now I've actually got my own Pokémon!", and not "Finally it hatches after running around for 5 minutes". I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I like it. Though you have to keep in mind that you want the first (it being awesome), so give players something fun and interesting to do until then.

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