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Natalia Alden - Somewhere

The darkness was almost deafning. She wasn’t even sure when her ‘sleep’, if you could call it that, ended, and her consciousness began. But ever so slowly, she realized that she was, indeed, awake, only having her eyes closed. She noticed someone nearby speaking, but she hadn’t been focused for long enough to actually hear what it was.

Without opening her eyes, she tried raising her arms to rub her palm against her forehead, when she realized she was unable to move… well, almost the entirety of her body. She kept trying to move various parts of her body, with little to no effect, which left her with the only option of slowly opening her eyes, wincing at the sudden light.

She blinked softly, tossing her head a little to move a fringe of reddish black hair out of her eyes, looking around the small… forest? No, at closer look, there were definitely steel walls all around them, aside from the trees and the grass, along with the glass in the wall dead ahead of her. Plus, who in their right mind would restrain someone to a chair outside?

That’s when she realized, she wasn’t alone. She looked left and right as best as she can, being strapped in like she was, and noticed the other Pokémon there. The most audible of which was a Weavile, seeming happy to just chatter away to herself. The Zoroark watched the others contemplatingly, trying to make sense of this situation… and figuring out how she had gotten there. And who she… were?

Blinking in surprise at this realization, her train of thought was quickly cut off by the voice speaking from the other side of the glass, she presumed. As the voice spoke, she became increasingly aware of her situation, now starting to get curious as to why exactly she and to an extent, the others, were there. As the Scientist finished his little speech, the Weavile began blurting out both questions and general complaints of being strapped down. The Zoroark couldn’t help but give a wry little smile, for some reason finding the Weavile’s actions… cute. Understandable, but still pretty adorable.

That’s when she noticed the screen standing next to each of the strapped-down Pokémon, with what she assumed were their vitals… and their name. Her own read ‘Natalia Alden’. Glancing around, she saw the others’ as well, and finally, she looked over to the Weavile and couldn’t help but put on a bit of a wry smile as she finally spoke out herself. “I have to agree with… Tesla, that would be pretty awkward to do.” As the Weavile would undoubtedly look over at her, she simply gave her a smirk and tossed her head towards one of the screens before looking back to to the shadow of the Scientist. Whatever the reason for them being here… she couldn’t figure out if he was with them, or against them. On one hand, they were strapped down, unable to move. On the other hand, he was promising to help them recover their memories.

Natalia let out a quiet sigh and tugged slightly on her bindings, unable to reach them with her claws. As she spoke out quietly to herself more than to anyone else while staring up at the tinted screen. “… Well, I suppose we don’t have a lot of choice here. You’ve put me quite on the spot.”

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