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    I made additional scripts to handle the appearance of steps once Professor Oak takes you into the lab. I have just tried this and the steps are still there because of my additional scripts. I also had problems using a prior version's save for some reason. That is because I also changed some flags, so then the order of events got screwed up I'm assuming. Once checkpoint 1.2 is fully ironed out, then I'll resume work on checkpoint 2 which will be pretty quick.

    EDIT 1 - Attention beta testers. Those two Pokeballs you see in your room is beta material. I left it in there on purpose. You should use it if you are interested in testing Pokemon evolution levels and catching any Pokemon in order for testing purposes.

    EDIT 2 - Color coating the main page!

    EDIT 3- As far as the difficulty with leveling go. I tried my best with balance. I had no problems advancing through the battles. I try to make them fun and refreshing, especially with the NPC. The NPC is quite entertaining in this game! Also, let me know if you found the leveling too hard/easy! Thanks! I try to make the level curve "just right!"

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