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    See these pokemon? There is no mercy on this team. I like to thing these things while attack animations are playing.

    [email protected]
    He punches people and takes no names. This was also when he only had Guts and the power to dodge attacks.

    [email protected]
    See that smug grin? He doesn't care about your weak attacks, he's just going to Surf you dead.

    [email protected]
    This Pidgeot is so awesome it growes gold feathers. It also lays golden eggs. Major cool points.

    [email protected]
    Look, it wants to hug! Oh god, when is lightning/ice/fire/acid coming out of its body I thought it wanted to hug.

    [email protected]
    Water. Phychic. Lightning. Ice. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when Starmies didn't know all the elements and rule the world.

    [email protected]
    Take Blastoise and double the level of smugness when something tries to punch it. It Screeches for Machamp and sets off Earthquakes when its pissed. I love it.
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