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Oh wow nice topic I remember the first Pokemon game I got was from my babysitter (who lived next door) when I was about 5 or 6 years old. She also gave me her old pink GameBoy Color. This was the fist video game system I had ever played on so I was very exited, but about 5 minutes after starting up and creating a new game the batteries died D: I remember bursting into tears because I thought I had broke the game haha. I was super relieved when my mom changed the batteries!

Also, I reeeaalllly hope I'm not the only person who did this but since I was also relatively young when I got Gold and Silver (pretty much the same age as when I got Blue version) I ended up naming my rival "???" because that's what it said in the game. I seriously couldn't put two and two together *hides in a corner* xD

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