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"Killing monsters, hunting things... family business."
-Dean Winchester

Welcome to the Crossroads, a fan club dedicated to the show Supernatural from the CW!

Supernatural follows the story of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. They're hunters, those who investigate and hunt down the supernatural; ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, the Midwest, shapeshifters, evil clowns, giant bugs... you name it, they've dealt with it... and most likely killed it. And then some.

At least, that was before fate and destiny decided to get involved, now things are little bit more complicated than just hunting and killing monsters. But to figure out how complicated, you need to watch the show first!

Here at PC this is the place to talk about anything Supernatural! Discuss episodes and characters, share art, fanfiction, and other fan works! This show has a HUGE fan base, so I hope to see a lot of faces in here!

Rules and Guidelines:
  • Be respectful
  • Be wary of spoilers! When it doubt use the spoiler tags!
  • All PC rules apply.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


To join the Crossroads just request to join and then will add you to the member list.

It's not required, but it is requested that you fill out the following signup sheet so that we can better know who you are!


Name: Or what you prefer to go by.
Age: Optional
Latest episode seen: No need to be overly specific, but knowing this helps prevent spoilers!



Here are some things to get us started!

Also, if anyone has talents in the way of sig banners, feel free to contribute! (Or perhaps I can make one, given time)


Favorite episode?
Favorite character?
You're trapped in an enclosed room. Something is scratching and banging at the door trying to get in. What do you grab?
Who's death hit you the hardest?
Given the chance, would you rather drive the Impala or have a drink with Bobby Singer?
What episode scared/creeped you out the most?
What supernatural creature would you least want chasing you?
Why is it chasing you?
If you were to make a deal with a demon, what would you ask for?


Well I think that's it...

... Crowley said I could use the name...