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Name: Kraydl
Game: Firered
Ultimate or Solo: Solo
Number of Pokemon: 6
Team which you generated?: Staryu, Porygon 2, Cubone, Ninetales (Vulpix), Piloswine (Swinub), Meganium (Chikorita)
Any optional rules?: No legendaries, SET battle.

EDIT: I didn't want to double post, so I'll just put here. I did complete it. I ended up with a Lv. 60 Meganium, Lv. 61 Ninetales, and a Lv. 63 Porygon 2. My Marowak died during the final battle against my Rival, so he is gone. I do have pictures, but I can not post until I get enough forum posts, so I will get it in as soon as possible.
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