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    My mom is Laotian and my dad is white, so I'm mixed. I don't really deal with much actual racism, but people do tend to think I'm Mexican and pronounce my last name in a Spanish way for some reason...

    My mom gets it worse, though. She was trying to apply to a college a few years back, and the lady was just being nasty to her and not so helpful. Once she found out that her last name was pronounced just plain old Graves and not Gráves, and my mom was Asian, not Mexican, she turned her act around. Hmmm... Then there were the people she told me about that tried to start speaking Spanish to her at work (she's a server). Luckily one of the guys at the table was also Asian and called his friends out on it. It's kinda weird, like, what, my mom has black hair and brown skin so automatically she can't speak English and doesn't deserve to be treated kindly while signing up for college? And that's only because they assumed she was Mexican... That makes me feel bad, too, because then what are actual Mexicans treated like?

    Most of the racism I see is stuff like stereotypes or just general bitterness, particularly about black, Mexican, and Middle Eastern people. I wonder if people know that having black friends (or Arab or Latino or whatever) doesn't really prevent you from saying or thinking things that may be racist. That's all I gotta say, I'm not really that informed about other political stuff involving race.
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