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-Chose torchik as starter
-defeated may with torchik lvl10
-helped wally
-defeated 10 wurmples b4 I finally caught 1
-evolved into silcoon (crap)
-caught a cascoon and used switch training method
-defeated roxanne with a lvl17 combusken and lvl12 dustox
-defeated may and caught lvl7 abra
-defeated brawly (now have aron lvl 9 in the team)
-gave steven the letter
-caught hm slave zigzagoon
-went to slateport
-Nicknames: Combusken(Lancelot),Dustox(Buggard),Aron(Caspian),Abra(Merlin)
-Merlin evolved
-defeated wattson with difficulty
-proceeded to fallarbor
-chased away team magma
-fought team magma and defeated all
-returned meteor to cosmo
-proceeded to wipe out flannery with Caspian the newly evolved Larion
-went up and reached the weather institute
-team aqua didn't have a chance
-defeated may(crappy torkoal)
-defeated winona(after getting the lens frm steven)
-ran down to lilycove ,got pokeblock case
-caught duk the psyduck
-caught haunter(using advance map) lvl32
-defeated those idiots at pyre
-defeated goons at magma hideout
-saw archie at slateport
-about to defeat team AQUA.

lvl34 Lancelot
-quick attack
-double kick
-fire blast(replaced ember)

lvl38 Caspian
-take down
-iron tail

lvl27 Buggard

lvl32 Duk
-psych up
-tail whip

lvl34 Grim
-confuse ray
-night shade
-mean look

lvl34 Merlin

lvl26 Slave (peliper)
lvl5 Zigzagoon