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Originally Posted by joeyhugg View Post
Achievement Get: First map!

Ok, that was a lie. This isn't my first. But it IS the first one that isn't the worst thing ever! This isn't for a game, I just wanted practice on my mapping. so, critiques? Be as harsh as needed!


The house on the hill is the Player's house, Red roof is main rival and Green roof is someone else's house. Either a useless NPC or a second rival.
Make the Lab one tile less wide, so it is the original size, move the left wall of the mountains one tile to the right. Fill up the gap that is left to the left with trees, all the way to the bottom, so the border is 6 tiles wide.

Move all the houses so that the paths leading to them can all be 3 tiles wide. Don't mix path sizes.

Fill up the gap behind the Rival house with trees. Don't leave empty space behind houses. It looks terrible.

And also: Like the others said. Move the PC so it doesnt stand ON the path. Make a little outsticking part from the road, only 1x3 tiles big that leads into the PC.

Like this: (The X's are the path, and the O's the PC)


You might want to use normal treemapping aswell. The style you are using now, where you have them aligned diagonally, is very advanced and can be very hard to get to look good. Since you say you're pretty new at mapping, I recommend using the normal style, with straight rows and lines, instead.