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    Originally Posted by atie View Post
    Misty, she had the fiery character and when Ash or Brock did something stupid she was the one who yelled at them, It was Ash who was the unexperienced Newbie and not the female...

    And at the time I loved Pokemon was only because
    Ash the trainer who wanted to become Pokemon master
    Ash and (Insert female main character) are traveling together because one wants to become Pokemon master but he always fails so we are adding a female character that reaches the top while Ash is makng more money for us in a new region

    May, Dawn and Iris are tools for the fans to see someone have sucses and a well character devolepment and Ash just losing everything and keeps traveling to fail

    Thats why I liked Misty she gave me the feeling that Ash would ever become a Pokemon master aslong as she isn't traveling with Ash he won't become a master..

    You are so right. I'm hoping the next girl is more experienced than ash, and maybe even a gym leader.
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