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    Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
    Honestly? I'd make a smaller icon and slap it in that gap after "POWER". That seems the most intuitive to me anyway, as, with the icon, it'll read "POWER (Physical)" "POWER (Special)" if you're looking at it. Plus, those icons are unnecessarily huge as it is. They certainly don't have to be that big on our tiny GBA screen.

    EDIT: I took a minute and shrunk down the icons. I literally just took them in horizontally by six pixels and fixed up the special one so that it's centered. The icon image is set up so that it can be pasted directly over the one Darth provided, if you've already inserted it. It's attached to this post now, along with a mockup of how it would look next to POWER (with the base image shamelessly stolen from your post).
    Now I'm wondering why I didn't think of that The mock-up looks great.

    EDIT: Never mind. I'm pretty sure most of that was wrong.
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