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    Tweet Jonias

    Green numbers were falling in her subconscious. However, none of the numbers made any sense. She could feel (Is feel the right word? I am sure I am not seeing in the optical sense, but...) that there is a pattern hidden among the seemingly random matrix but she could not make it out. "There is a pattern everywhere; it just takes time for anybody to fully understand it." She started to subconsciously group the numbers into 4x4 squares, the most common pattern and see if she could put some sense into it. However, before she could finish her first deciphering, a voice jubilantly pierced through the randomness.

    "Joy! You don't remember anything, do you? That's my doing, I'm sorry. A necessary precaution. Don't sweat, you'll restore your memories with your hard work. But first, let us introduce ourselves. I am the Scientist. Yes, the Scientist..." She tried to open her eyes but the light blinded her. It forced her back to the darkness of a closed eye. Slowly, she opened them, letting as few light in as possible. When her vision adjusted, she saw an Accelgor, a Zoroark, a Charmeleon, a Blaziken, and a Weavile around her. All of them were strapped into a weird contraption and she found out she was also tied into one. No matter how hard she try, she could not move at all. Well, that's her theory as she was still too weak to actually exert some effort.

    There were grass and several trees around her, but she could not see them quite clearly. The only thing clear to her was a screen and a stained-glass window. The screen displayed some numbers, probably vital statistics, and a name. Tweet Jonias. It felt right hearing it. As if...

    "It's my name!" Tweet screamed out, finally realizing her predicament. Wherever she is, it's someplace she had never been before.

    "When you wake up and return to the present, you can only remember the actual experience - what you have seen yourself do in your dream, not your thoughts or any information stored in your subconscious, and begin to learn about yourself from your actions, rather than your memories. In order to unlock all of your memories in the present, you need to piece out who you are in the past, by finding out how you came to be here, in my lab." The voice said again. Behind the stained-glass windows was a shadow. Did it just referred to itself as the Scientist? "You've much to say, yes, go on if you may. When you're ready to visit your memories, though, tell me. I'm sure... all of you are curious to know who you are, hm?"

    "Look here. I'm glad I won't die if I don't eat an apple, but how did I get here? I can't even breathe! These straps are suffocating me! And can I at least know my name?! I don't want to tell others 'Oh I wish I knew my name' since of course it would only be awkward." It was the Weavile who spoke first. For some reason, the Pokemon felt familiar to Tweet. As if Tweet should know her.

    “I have to agree with… Tesla, that would be pretty awkward to do.” This time, it was the Zoroark who spoke. Apparently, only the Weavile had not noticed the screen with a name displayed on it. Even if you don't have a knowledge of your name, seeing that you're labeled with a name, you can come to the conclusion that it is, indeed, your name. Even for the time being.

    "Why the memory wipe, if we're being held captive anyway?" Tweet took a look at the Blaziken's screen. Felix... Tweet could not pronounce the other word. Her mind is still on haywire. After the initial confusion has settled in, a second one invaded her mind. Where are they and who is the shadow? She decided it was time for her to speak.

    "Nobody is asking the crucial question. Where are we exactly and who are you? I don't understand anything that is happening," Tweet's voice came out as pseudo-robotic. "My brain is still fuzzy. Did you maybe injected us with something?"


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