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Originally Posted by FrozenInfernoZX View Post
Onix will be evolving through the use of a new stone called the Earth Stone. Any Pokemon that gains a Rock/Ground/Steel typing through evolution, will be using this stone to evolve. It is going to be a super ultra rare evolution stone that is found in the earth's deepest chambers...

As for the blackout glitch. I figured it out. This only crashes the game after visiting the Pokecenter in Aqualight, I screwed up the return blackout script for that center. So if you are preparing to blackout, visit the Route 54 Pokecenter's first. The Pokedex thing will take a while to overhaul, so that's will be done in a much later beta.

Every Pokemon has EV points in this game when battling them. I am in the process of trying to make EV training easier in this game and less time consuming.

Macho brace and pokerus. And alright. Also in the grass gym you cannot see the exit, mind you you can still exit. (Obviously)
Looking to start beta testing Rom hacks again :D
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