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Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
Oh's been so long I've forgotten about this. The final evolutions are currently catchable on a single map in the game (or evolvable through trade). From looking at their indicated areas in the Pokédex, these are where they are:

Alakazam - Cerulean Cave, the maze room
Machamp- Mt. Ember, the second room from the regular entrance
Golem - Cerulean Cave, via Rock Smash in the room with Mewtwo
Gengar - Pokémon Tower, the final floor
Politoed - Ruin Valley, via fishing with the Super Rod
Slowking - Outcast Island, via surfing
Steelix - Sevault Canyon
Scizor - Pattern Bush
Kingdra - Tanoby Ruins, via fishing with the Super Rod
Porygon2 - Ruin Valley

Note that the rarity of these Pokémon is high, so you'll need to search a bit. That, or just fast-forward in your emulator! Otherwise, they're still evolvable through trade.

I didn't want to break canon with the official Pokémon games, so they all still evolve the same way. I always intended to add a method that simulated the post-trading process into the game, but I'm pretty sure I don't have the know-how to do that right now.
I encountered some of those Johto ones, but I never made the connection that that's what the first post was referring too. lol I thought it meant there was a new area somewhere just with the trade evolutions. Good to know. Thanks.
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