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    Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
    Unit stone doesnt work(won't bring up your party like other evolution stones). old rod won't work in any water.
    I already said that items are being worked on and won't be fully completed until checkpoint 3. I'm in the starting phases of just renaming them. Unit Stones won't be that available so early in the game, haha. Unit Stones by the way are stones that will evolve the original Kanto Pokemon that evolved by trading (with no items). I know Old Rods does not work yet. That will be fixed in beta 3.
    Introducing, the Underground's basement floor. After the police have invaded the town, you get to go into the yucky basement! These guys are no joke...

    Hmmm, all those Cue Balls... is that the fight that the cops were talking about?! How do I get over there... hehe.
    And that Fighter Bro seemingly wants to a punch hole so hard, that a door appears... hehe!
    Now they want their mommys!

    Route 54? What? Oh no, someone is on the loose!
    Welcome Gym Leader Aquinas, a man of class, art, and clarity!
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    Who needs Surf when you got hops! =P Chea!

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