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    Jello the Solosis
    Pokémon Center -> Oak Town

    While Alice woke up in some dark, odd place, Jello was worried sick. His trainer was taken away from him by a Ralts who just acted like she was in danger! He had to admit she looked very cute, but he couldn't believe she was such an evil Pokémon. He was confused, and all he knew was that he had to find Alice at all costs. The red-haired girl was the best friend he had, and the only being he could communicate with. Before the flashbacks with her could kick in, he shook his head and started to think. Where did that Ralts take Alice? Better start outside! he thought. He glared once more at Roxas and huffed before dashing towards the door. Once could see the confused looks on many trainer's faces as a purple blob passed them by quickly.

    Once outside, Jello frantically started to look around. There were many people walking around, and most of the people looked to busy to mind him. Heck, they didn't even care to dodge him, so he had to do all the dodging by himself! Jello let out a frustrated groan with a hint of desperation in it before he finally bumped into a Pokémon. It was a Leafeon, and looked about as worried as he was.

    "Ow...You...You okay?" he asked telepathically

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