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    Originally Posted by SaniOKh View Post
    Personally, as I've already stated in another thread, I'd prefer a B2/W2-esque sequel to Gen 3 than a remake.
    Again, what if they eventually do both? Would you, in that light, guess which pair of games might come first?

    Originally Posted by SaniOKh View Post
    FR/LG allowed you to catch one of them depending on your starter, plus all of them were available in Pokémon Colosseum... yeah, Gen 3 did require a lot of games to complete the Pokédex...
    That's one of the only things that I don't like about Generation 3, especially because it's going to make me have to ask here on PCF in anybody near where I live who has Emerald and got the special Mew distribution would be willing to trade for something or to re-'Mystery Gift' me a copy of that distribution if it allowed that.

    P.S.: I would like to restate the following:

    Originally Posted by RandomDSdevel View Post
    Can we merge this discussion back into its rightful place in the RSE Remake Speculation Thread, please?
    Also, I believe that any discussion of remakes for 3rd-generation games should take place in one thread, so can we also merge that FR/LG remake-speculation thread that I saw into the thread that I mentioned above and rename it to something like the 'Generation III Remake Speculation Thread?'
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