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Why do you want to filter pornography? I understand that sex is such a super bad thing, it's not like it brought anyone into existence or anything, and it's certainly not like humans are born with minds wired towards sex (which is why NOBODY EVER MASTURBATES, EVER) but, honestly, pornography 95% of the time is between consenting adults, produced in film (whether or not it's real). There should be no reason why pornography should be banned because in the end, there's very little that's truly bad about it, bar the one in a thousand individual that gets addicted to it (but you can get addicted to gambling and food, and there are more cases of both). So what? Porn. Bits that you have and that the other gender have, being used in some way. Big whoop. As long as it's between adults and not say like, children or animals, I could give less of a **** (and so should everyone else)