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Racism is something that is difficult to define. Er, I am not fond of semantics, but there needs to be some form of uniformity in qualifying what is and what is not racist.

Does a racist just need to believe a stereotype or allow race to affect a perception? That is, feel uneasy or highly suspicious of someone of a different race. Numerous white and black Americans alike feel uneasy or out of place around one and other.

The question really is, what type of racism still exists in the US rather than how prevalent racism is in general.

Is there:
Mistrust and Unease among ethnic groups?
Policies that ignore or aggravate high crime and poverty rates among Blacks?
Disenfranchisement, lack of civil liberties?
Slavery, Lynching?

All of these could allude to a conscious or subconscious influence of racial biases. But one thing is for sure, all racism is not created equal! There are issues involving race in the United States, serious ones, but some joe nobody making a racist remark should not be a priority concern; though it often becomes the focal concern to most when racism is brought up. We should stick to addressing the poverty and the subsequent crime rate among Blacks and how policies can be changed to lower those rates to levels comparable to Whites.

The level of racism has downgraded to residual racially influenced culture and racially-charged policies, and how those are effecting the political and societal divide that still exists between blacks and whites. The gap is narrowing slowly, but it certainly could be improved ten-fold by addressing the substantive policy concerns.
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