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I've been wanting to make a hack based on the following story, but I'm really bad at scripting and don't have a lot of graphical talent. If anyone is interested in making this I'd really love to write out the story and dialogue further.

For the story I'll be referring to the player character as "Tom".
This story takes place in the Kiirto region. Tom and Ralph from the town of Lostwood are both 16 years old. As the story commences they are within the forest at half an hour away from home. They are goofing around and having some fun when they suddenly realize the forest has gone quiet. As they are about to leave they are ambushed by a pack of wild Mightyenas who seem to be under control of some mystery trainer shrouded in black armor. The trainer reveals to them that he is Ser Ragnoras a knight who was in service of the Raptuso Empire that ruled the region around 600 years ago. Stating that he served a new master now, he raised his blade and stabbed Ralph to death. Tom couldn't even scream as he stared at his dying friend. Ragnoras told Tom to run and spread word of his return. Scared for his life Tom flees the scene.

Once he got back to Lostwood, Tom raced towards the village's Mayor. He told the man everything about the knight and Ralph. The mayor instructed him to go home and go to bed. Confused and tired Tom fell asleep in his bed. After what seemed like a few minutes someone woke him up. As he opened his eyes, he saw the face of the mayor. Tom was told to follow the man and so he did. Once they arrived at the mayor's house he received a Shinx for his protection. The old man said they were both leaving shortly for a town called Entrax. The two men went outside and Tom was surprised to see the Kiirto league champion, Elisabeth. She was called upon by the mayor to fly them to Entrax using her Flygon.

Once they reach Entrax the mayor and Tom enter an ancient cave while Elisabeth stays outside with her Flygon. In the cave the mayor explains to Tom he is trying to find out how Ragnoras can be alive at this point in time. In the main chamber there are two pedestals, on top of one rests an orb, on the other nothing. The mayor seems shocked about this and says the orbs are used to seal evil pokemon away. Since one orb went missing, there was probably a wild pokemon loose. Determined to stop the disaster, the men made it to the cave entrance but found out a new surprise. Before them stood two trainers in a weird uniform. They introduced themselves as Cindy and Rush, two leading members of the unholy knights, the servants of Ser Ragnoras. They demanded the mayor to hand over the briefcase that he had with him. As the Mayor refused, the two ordered their "squires" to retrieve the briefcase.

I've got more story but it's pretty long. If anyone is interested in making this reality I'll be glad to supply all of the story and dialogue.
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