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    I prefer not to use HM buddies. I try to keep the commonly used HMs within my party and just ditch the rest. I'll use a common Pokémon for Cut and Rock Smash, because I don't usually have a full team when those are necessary and really don't want them stuck on my 'mon till I get to the Move Deleter. Besides Whirlpool, the water HMs are decent and get ditributed around my team- I usually have two water types or a few 'mon that can learn the moves, so none of them get stuck with mostly-HM movesets. Fly I will always have, and Strength depends on the game. But usually I'll just ignore HMs that aren't necessary for game progression. I never need Flash; the only place where it's required for progression is Granite Cave and I can do that easily in the dark. Cut and Rock Smash only get you supplemental items and access to shortcuts after the first part of the game. iirc Whirlpool is only necessary in Johto, and if I care to go I'll just catch something while surfing that I can take with for that.

    So yeah. I don't like using HM buddies much. It seems almost unfair to a Pokémon to fill its moveset like that and barely train it. I'M SENTIMENTAL OK

    You gave your starter HM?! Such bad trainers make me sick
    wow rude. different people have different play styles. you may not appreciate those styles, but they work for others. to say another person makes you sick because of their chosen moveset- that makes me sick.

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