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    Oak Town Streets

    Chapter I, Part II
    "The Missing Sibling"

    Lv. 17


    Decline after decline, rejection after rejection, Lifu felt defeated. There was no way he could find his sister alone in a place like this! That was when another Pokemon bumped into him, and asked if he was okay. "No one is listening to me, I really need help...!" Li looked into the other Pokemon's eyes, desperation making itself known. "My sister got lost in the crowd here and we got separated, and now I don't know where she is!" He lowered his head and tail, showing his defeat. "I can't find her anywhere, and it was my idea to come here... I promised I'd protect her...! I can't let her get caught or killed!" He looked around the horizon wildly before turning back to the Solosis. "C-can you help? She's a Glaceon, a bit taller than me, with really soft fur and a matter-of-fact gaze."

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