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    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    Pokémon Emerald is my favourite Pokémon game, it has everything that makes up the perfect Pokémon game in my eyes. The Hoenn region is a beautiful, the characters are diverse, the Pokémon are brilliant and the storyline is top notch!
    I'll have to agree with this, however it's Sapphire for me due to intense nostalgia.

    The games were what I thought a well made Pokémon game. Closely behind must come Pokémon Gold, another well-made game considering the technology of the time. It well deserved the remake.

    So yes, I'm one of those other Hoenn Remake Crazy fans.

    If you saw the landscape of the region, it's so beautiful. Especially near Fortree, and the weather institute. Quite frankly a well-thought game.
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