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Jello the Solosis
Oak Town Streets

Jello listened to the Leafeon's words. His sister was missing, and he appeared to be feeling slightly guilty about her disappearance. And everybody was too busy to give him a little hand. When he mentioned the word "killed", Jello began to feel even more worried about Alice than he already was. What if something happens to her? Oh, no. I can't let that happen. That Ralts... He was starting to get angry, but he decided to push that aside for later and focus on the Leafeon's problem for the time being.

"Um, s-sure I'll... I'll help y-you out." he said timidly, "I-I haven't seen h-her around... I j-just l-left the building w-with the r-red roof, b-b-but I'll help you, um, find h-her."

It seemed that the quest for his Trainer and best friend would have to wait for the time being. Hopefully this Pokémon's sister would turn up soon and they could all team up to find Alice.
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