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    Kaizah the Breloom

    Seed Bomb
    Sky Uppercut
    650 ✧
    Oran Berry x 1

    A lunge from a much larger pokemon came flying towards the Kaizah’s face.

    The Breloom responded with a grin. With a quick and skillful side step, the Breloom dodged the Rhydon’s attack.

    “I guess the Lucario was right, you two are idiots.

    The Rhydon then pulled his two arms together to try and smash the opposing Breloom with a downward hammer arm.

    “Starting fights you can’t win.”

    The Breloom retaliated with a sky uppercut, breaking his attack and staggering the Rhydon. They Rhydon quickly fell into a rage?

    “You little speedy runt, you really think you can win this with just how fast you are?”

    The Rhydon lunged at the Breloom with a flurry of blows, each hit lazily put together and failing to hit when compared to Breloom speed and reflexes. Quickly exhausting himself the Rhydon fell to his knees to catch his breath. The Breloom starred at the exhausted monster in front of him, he gave a shrug and took a few steps back.

    “Here I’ll prove my point, hit me with your strongest move, I promise I won’t dodge.”

    The Rhydon roared and charged at the Breloom on all fours. His horn began to spin, signifying his intent on using the infamous horn drill against the Breloom. The kangaroo like pokemon chuckled, as he side stepped the lazily put together attack.

    “I lied.”

    He whispered into the Rhydon’s ear as he proceeded to kick the Rhydon down to the ground, headfirst. After the attack the Breloom bounced a few feet from the Rhydon to give him some space.

    Slowly the Rhydon got up, frantic about how this battle turned. This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening, his face yelled to the crowd, leaving no question what was going on in his mind. He looked back and forth hysterically, before calling out to his brother.

    “Big bro, I need your help! I can’t do this alone! You’ve got to be done with that Lucario by now!”

    He looked over his shoulders to see the result of the battle between his brother and the Lucario.

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