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Mark quickly noticed the nearby nearby. The two seemed to be treading within its territory and was already about to attack the two. Snype was all ready to protect the two. The Sableye quickly jumped down and prepared himself to battle the Growlithe. This time Mark wouldn't mess up. He just hoped that Dani would like the gift... if not... well he at least he had a new Pokemon. Mark just had to be confident about himself.

"Alright lets start things off Snype... Don't go too rough on it. Shadow Sneak!" Mark said. Snype's shadow quickly extended behind the Growlithe and attacked him from behind. Snype was extremely experienced so he didn't want to go overboard with his attacks. Otherwise the Growlithe would end up fainting. The wild Pokemon quickly retaliated with Fire Fang, giving Snype's arm a could chomp. Snype yelled in pain and pushed the Growlithe off of him. He seemed to take it well though, despite the burning feeling on his arm.

"Snype, Detect!" Mark called out. Snype quickly enhanced his reflexes and kept a close eye on the Growlithe in front of him... which quickly attacked with Flame Wheel. Snype of course avoided it with ease, making it look like he just barely dodged the attack to be a show off.

"Shadow Sneak! Once more!" Mark said. Snype counterattacked similarly to his last Shadow Sneak, attacking the Growlithe from behind again. The wild Pokemon was showing signs of weakness now. Hopefully enough for a quick capture.

"Alright lets give this a shot!" Mark said as he pulled out a Pokeball and threw it at the Wild Pokemon, sucking it right inside. Mark was getting a serious case of Deja Vu again... this is exactly how his last encounter went! IF Mark failed, the Growlithe would use Roar and send them running. Mark just had to pray this would work.

The ball shook once... then twice...


The ball stopped shaking. Mark was successful in capturing it this time. Mark walked up to the Pokeball and grinned. Dani would love this! All Mark had to do was train it a bit. Make it more fond of humans. They were very loyal so it shouldn't be too much trouble...

"Alright! Thst's one goal off the check list. Two more to go..." Mark said.

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