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Name: Logan Gayle

Nickname: Close friends call him Lo. In the Hoenn region, he is known as The Mercenary.
Age: 18

Gender: Male

Dorm Allegiance: Raikou Dorm

Occupation: Student


Logan isn't great with first impressions but he cares for the friends he has. He is very attached to his pokémon and sees them as friends as apposed to pawns. Logan usually keeps to himself and you might find him wandering in the Dead Forest. It'd be a good first place to look if he went missing.

Born in Sootopolis City (Hoenn), Logan left his parents' home with his pet Poochyena, Keller when he was 14. They always argued and hardly noticed his absence. He lived off of berries and stolen goods for eight months before taking up gambling. He bet on pokémon battles but eventually hit a rough patch and began to lose his money. Logan, being the smart cookie he is, decided to stop losing his money and train his own fighting pokémon. He was good... very good. He never thought he'd grow attached to the creatures, but he knew that he was reaching a dilemna when he lost battles because he wasn't pushing his team to their limits. Logan used some spare change to buy a cooking pot, and using his knowledge of berries, began to cook poffins for his team so he could push them harder without regrets. With nothing but a pot, some sticks, a lighter, and a couple pokéballs, Logan started to rake in cash. It got to the point were he was known even beyond the border of Kanto and normal trainers refused to battle him, knowing that they had no chance. As he waited for a battle to come his way, a strange letter was slipped under the door of his motel room... ... ... ...


Species: Poochyena

Personality: Friendly but acute and aware.
Roar-Sand Attack
Quick Attack-Take Down

Species: Houndour

Personality: Houndour, despite its looks, is quite elegant until faced with a threat.
Lvl: 29
Fire Fang-Smog
Crunch-Faint Attack
Foul Play-Flamethrower

Species: Loudred

Personality: Put on your headphones and take cover.
Lvl: 38
Hyper Voice-Howl
Shadow Ball-Brick Break.

Species: Scizor

Personality: Like an angry wasp... nest.
Lvl: 36
Bullet Punch-X Scissor
Night Slash-Slash
Acrobatics-Rock Smash
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