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Originally Posted by CuddleFish09 View Post
I've done everything with out hacking besides a couple masterballs and rare candies ,but I got to the point where I need to go to the Hevah League because Garatina has escaped but when I go there nothing happens i have the 6th badge but the pink triangles keep telling me to go to Lustersand but i've already done all of that. What do i do to fix the glitch
Go back to Lustersand Town and talk to Kronz.
Earn your badge there.

If that doesn't work, head to Guardia Town and battle the gym leader there.

Originally Posted by ninjerginjer View Post
when i try to get to mount krystal it says i cant go home or it says the rangers could get you
PM me your saved file.
Include details of your error (so I will know what I need to fix).

Originally Posted by ArceusX999 View Post
1. You do an another game of ruby destiny? 2.why you did not do can catch shadow lugia?
3. It's possible battle with Blitz out the pillars? 4.Why Blitz have Shadow Lugia
1. Yes.
2. Because Shadow Lugia isn't important in the LoG storyline.
3. No.
4. Because, in the real timeline, he was controlled by Shadow Lugia in Reign of Legends.

Originally Posted by avatar11 View Post
Can i trade pokemon via the second floor in the pokecenter? :D :D
Of course. That's the purpose of the second floor, right? o.0
Anyway, I made that accessible because my bros and I used to play the game together, and we tend to do link battles and trades.

Keep in mind that, if you trade with other games, the PKMN would be really different.

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