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    Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
    Man, undergrounds basement floor looks pretty decent.
    The Taejo World is going to have a whole underground network. I want to make the region integrated as possible. Taejo Underpass and the Undergrounds are going to be quite extensive and connected in very secretive ways. Who knows what you may find... hehe.
    Well, there are no screenshots for now! There will be when Ignite Heights is completed!
    But introducing five new evolution stones (the elemental and sun/moon stones are still intact)!
    Murk Stone - Murkrow be straight murkin' haha. A very vile stone. Maybe you might find one in Murk Cave. A cave that hosts dark types.
    Earth Stone - Used for Pokemon that gains a Rock/Ground/Steel typing upon evolution. Found in the deepest depths of the Earth. Slugma would love this.
    Unit Stone - Utilized for the four original Kanto tradable Pokemon.
    Bliss Stone - Usually for fairy types or Pokemon that gains a fairy type.
    Brute Stone - The polar opposite of the bliss stone. Usually used for dragon types or for Pokemon that evolves into a more aggressive Pokemon.
    Many Pokemon will make use of these, more of the rarer ones:
    Happiny (daytime friendship) -----> Chansey (bliss stone) -----> Blissey (fairy type)
    Magikarp (brute stone) -----> Gyarados (water/fire type)*

    *Gyarados is a water/fire type in this game... well there's an ingame event behind this... at Frozen Fire Lake... it's all Inferno's fault... he got poor Gyarados all pissed off!


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