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    As Slenderman already pointed out, the only ever use i had for nicknames was with the advent of gen 5; it made using "STARMIE" obsolete, because an uncapped nickname "Starmie" that would be migrated seemed more fitting for this gen (i believe, it was a very effective solution to address legendaries that would otherwise remain with the horrendous all capped names; barring un-abused gen 4 wifi events).

    I do admit I've had fun playing with nicknamed pokemon for the sole purpose of participating in the gen 3 contests, (because all my opponents had them as well anyway :p); and if only gen 2 had a remake on gba, it would seem better to use the in-game traded pokemon as well for those gen 3 contests. But that was it, i didn't transfer those nicknamed pokemon; i didn't find the gen 4 super contests to be as appealing. :/
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