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Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
Great job, accepted.
Thanks! That batch of sprites is looking fantastic, I particularly like Gyarados and Machamp.
Great work getting those front sprites in.

I've just done Lairon and Glalie. Glalie I resized to the same ratio as Froslass which I believe
was 89%, whereas Lairon I resized to 91%. The DPPTHGSS sprites were all 53x45, whereas
Lairon in BW became 58x49 so I shrunk it back to what it was in Gen 4. The poses are pretty
similar so it may look like the Gen 4 sprites, but there are a few key differences, mainly the feet
and spines, and of course shading!


I'll try redoing Cradily and Armaldo again. Though I'm sure that the Armaldo I'd already done
aligns with the Armaldo from the master sheet when resized to 88%.