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Chapter 5: Weird Colors

Troock was confused and mad at the same time. While he was limping out of the dojo he spotted the oddly colored Cyndaquil again, but as much as he hated little creature of the devil, it couldn't top his hatred for Tobias, as he had heard Rika call the Gengar he fought. I'll get him back. But he didn't really believe he would.

I was no match for him, even my secret attack didn't even make him blink. How could there be so much difference in power?

"You okay?" Troock was lost in his thoughts, so he was startled when he heard someone talk to him. He looked up and saw a Mienshao.

Troock narrowed his eyes when he noticed the Mienshao's color. The stripes on her body were pink instead of purple. That's the second weirdly colored pokémon I've seen today.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Troock replied to the Mienshao. "I just had a battle with a Gengar, and it was pretty harsh." He frowned while thinking of his miserable performance. Then he asked: "What's your name? Are you here for the expedition of tomorrow as well?"