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    Tesla Arana

    "Of course, yes, that is what I want, to get this over with, I have other things to do anyways... well, then, heh. I will simply put you to sleep with some gas! That should get the Dormitus 4.4 working, you don't have to do anything, don't worry, I said don't worry, in case you didn't hear." A bleep sounded and a disturbing fssst filled the room. "Fastest way to sleep, hehe. Sorry, I guess. Sweet dreams!"

    "Finally, at least we're going somewhere," she mumbled, waiting for the gas to takes its effect. As she inhaled it, her mind started to grow heavy and foggy. Closing her eyes, she let the darkness engulf her.

    - - - - -

    Tesla entered a room with a desk and a semi circle of chairs surrounding it. What caught her breathe away was the huge window that showed the scenery behind. Of course, she closed her mouth and fixed herself so she didn't look impressed. She didn't want people knowing who she really was, now, did she? She sat on one of the wooden chairs. A smirk burst into her face seeing Raymond's figure. It felt good to know one person out of a room full of strangers. In fact, she might as well call him an "old friend" of some sort... but of course, he never took his meds. He doesn't deserve the title... yet.

    "Welcome to Maverick Manor," Raymond started to speak. Tesla payed attention to his tone and his body language. She enjoyed seeing him use courtesy and trying to get a point across. His eyes checked everyone in this room, including her. "I am well acquainted with each of you, even though we have not met in person." With that said, he glanced at Tesla, who smirked back. He continued to speak while Tesla glanced around at the others. However this got interrupted when she heard her name. "Meet Tesla Arana," he spoke out loud, "my personal nurse and the medic of our operations." Feeling joy and pride, she closed her eyes and raised her hands in triumph.

    "Yep, me me... this girl raising her hand," she looked down wit her hand raised, just in case they needed a signal from the very person. As Raymond continued introducing, she glanced at each new individual here. Natalia was a thief? Good thing, since she's a Zoroark. She couldn't imagine her being anything else.

    “I’d –prefer- Thief actually. Take as much pride and joy in your work as I do, it’d almost be a crime not to be called as such,” she added. Tesla folded her arms and glanced ahead to the scenery behind Raymond.

    "Then let me be the first to commit that crime," she mumbled, imagining the scene that would be caused by such a thing. Raymond continued until he reached Felix. 'Oh he can be trusted alright... we have a thief, a technician, and now an Enforcer. Complete trust in all, can't we say?' she thought, giving the Blaziken a quick curious look before returning to the window. When Raymond reached Dominic, Tesla turned towards the Charmeleon. He looked quite young, making her feel like she fit in. 'Hopefully he is as young as me... but hey, I love standing out of the crowd,' she kept thinking, distracted in her own thoughts.

    She started to pay attention as soon as Raymond started another speech. Unfortunately it wasn't long before the window got covered, making Tesla quite sad. She loved the view and the light that poured in. She pouted.

    "We hit the bank," Raymond went straight to the point. Tesla didn't mind doing such things, since there was nothing else she could really live for. Of course, she'll have her chance to... figure out Raymond more so that he gains enough trust so that her meds can be given without reluctance. Until that day comes, she'll be here waiting and getting to know him some more. Of course, there's others here too.. who can help.

    The Thief started to speak once more, catching Tesla's attention. “I, personally, am all for this target to be our first. I’d suggest we do it stealthily, rather than bursting in, guns blazing. Both considering how unrefined of an approach that is, and… well, the size of our little ‘revolutionary’ group.”

    "We may be little, but we carry a big package," Tesla tried to lower her tone, seeing as the others haven't spoken yet. That's when the Charmeleon spoke up for Natalia.

    "I agree with her," Dominic began. He explained his thoughts out, which seemed pretty reasonable for somebody so young-looking.

    "As what the Charmeleon said," Tweet began, catching Tesla's full attention. She had the biggest idea so far, one that Tesla didn't find too bad. When she saw she and Felix were the only ones left to speak up, she cleared her throat. She didn't know what to say... everything was pretty much said.

    "Eh, what can I say? They all said what I was gonna say," she shrugged. "Besides, we have a Thief here." That's all she could say, nothing more. If she had said out her thoughts, it would only be a different version of what everybody had said. Maybe Felix had some different input nobody has said thus far? She would love to hear it.
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