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I really want to say Fox just because of my love for animals, but my vote goes to Samus Aran. Fox is definitely no easy foe, however. He's obviously an extremely skilled fighter and an expert at many other important skills that aid him in battle. His leadership and courage make him a formidable character that won the hearts of many in his game's audience. Due to Fox's abilities, his crew Star Fox were successful in obliterating countless enemies.

On the other hand, we have Samus, who impresses everyone in video gaming by being of the female gender. A huge twist that adds so much more to this fighting hunk of metal. The fact that under that gigantic, iron-clad brawling suit is a graceful girl makes Samus much more of an amazing heroine, and she already was before her gender was ever confirmed. Her signature attacks come from her suit, which allows her to manipulate and take down foes easily, as well as her Morph Ball form helping her get through narrow passage ways and the like.

As epic as both of these characters are, there can only be one that succeeds the other! :]

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