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Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
if you're thinking of crystal/diamond types, why not some ice type pokemon? like glalie or cryogonal? or those icecream pokemon haha
Don't worry about Ice-types, SR. =) They will all be there as I said before. I am currently creating a new location where you can capture them all!

Originally Posted by lauerolus View Post
An ability and for a single pokemon however is pretty reasonable. Give it a new ability like, Crystal Guard: Attacks from and blows taken by this pokemon are always at Normal effectiveness, and have Onix take a new from if it has said abillity for the crystal sprite.
I like this idea. I could easily create a "crystal-form" Onix or such. An ability would be much easier. It wouldn't be that difficult as well, since I have already been implementing so many forms for the Serene adaptations.