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What was your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? In Explorers of Sky, I had a Bulbasaur hero and Meowth partner along with a Girafarig named 64ZooLane, an Absol named Shade, a Snubbull hatched from an egg and more powerful team members. 64 was by far my favorites. In Gates to Infinity, I had an Oshawott hero and Pikachu partner along with Vixen the Zoroark, Bundles the Leavanny and Emolga who was used often.
Did you have a particular pokemon join your party? I purposely had a Starly and Dratini join my large Sky team, because they're extremly useful.
Did you create a team on impulse? I guess? I mean, I went with what I had and if I didn't like a Pokemon I let it go.
Did you just go along with you and your partner? Nope! Unless I had no choice, I remembered to always bring backup!
After the main storyline, did you change your party around? Not really, unless new powerful Pokemon offered to join.
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