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I was playing Pokemon Pearl, and I just used surf and surfed a small distance almost reaching land, and ran into a shiny Golduck, and this is after years of playing Pokemon. I was stoked, but all my pokemon were like lvl 70.. And I tried spamming balls but it didn't work.. So I took a chance to hurt it with my weakest move.. And I killed it.. I quickly turned off my game and tried to find it again.. But I never did.. ;(

My second experience was in Emerald, I was in a cave and found a shiny Zubat, and I was like 'Well... It is a shiny..'.

My third and last experience was recently-ish when I was playing Saphire.. And I found a shiny Electrode.. That was the most intense experience ever... I mean, any moment he could of self destructed and killed my Pokemon.. (Plus they're hard enough to find in the wild and I didn't wanna have to get him with the evolution way).

But I caught him! ^.^
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