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    Milly Kaiko (could have sworn I posted this, this morning )

    Milly instinctive grabbed the hand which appeared out of no where as the world around her once again swayed dangerously. The lights which swirled in front of her eyes now bloomed more chaotically than ever, while bile coated her throat in acrid flavours. The only reason why she was still standing in fact was because of the hand, which after a few seconds Milly twigged, belonged to someone.

    "Please tell me you're as confused about this whole thing as I am? I literally showed up here in the middle of this whole mess."

    The werewolf still dizzy, followed the hand’s wrist allowing her eyes to trail the arm until she finally came to look on a handsome, pale face. The distinct smell of forest rolled off this guy in plumes, filling her lungs with warm scented air that tasted like fresh water, warm sun, moss and grass. It was intoxicating, particularly with her sense of smell and on any other day she would have lapped up the scent happily but today she felt her stomach lurch.

    Swallowing hard, Milly shrugged, resisting the urge to shake her head for fear of more pain.
    “You’re guess is as good as mine.” She answered her voice soft and tentative as she allowed her tongue to lick her slip lip. Looking away from her new company and refocusing back on the scene, she watched Chris peeled away from the group and began to limp back, scarlet scars spouting rivulets of blood down his torso like veins. At this sight, Milly felt her heart shudder with dread, while her eyes widened.

    “Whatever it is though, it’s bad.” Adding this, her voice went an octave higher than normal, as she soaked in the state of Chris. She dared not even think what Volt was like, as Chris passed them slowly, offering her a small warm smile to which Milly returned with her own open mouthed gape.
    The trail of blood behind her friend only made her heart sink lower into her stomach and suddenly she was glad of the new boy’s hand supporting her.

    “Hey, I know this is an odd request.” Milly said, this time forcing her voice under control and looking up at the new guy with a fixed, question stare. “But I would be really grateful if you would let me borrow your height?”

    The question was bizarre but it was valid. Chris needed help and with their height difference, he would have to stoop to put his arm around her shoulders, whereas with this new guy, their height was close enough to be helpful rather than a hindrance.

    “My friend needs help, would you mind?” She pressed on, trying to explain her first query with a very slight inclination of her head in the direction of Chris, whom by now had put on his shirt and limping towards the infirmary.

    As she asked, she tried to smile, while shooting furtive glances towards the group Chris had left. Volt was still there but from this distance she couldn’t tell if he needed help or not, but regardless, if he needed help she would be there. She just wanted to make sure Chris was alright too and studying the amount of blood loss he was suffering, she strongly doubted he would make it to the infirmary on his own.

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