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It's an awkward thing when you have an organization that's doing charity work who also discriminates in who they help. (Excluding reasonable discrimination - helping to fix inner city poverty means you probably won't be helping the hungry in Darfur.)

Ideally we wouldn't have to rely on organizations that discriminate and we'd have the funds for enough medical personnel and facilities so that Catholic or other religiously affiliated hospitals would be an option for people instead of their only choice.

I think we're doing ourselves a disservice in saying that since a Catholic hospital is operating partially on charity it should be excused. I mean, if I were the boss of a business and I had ten employees and one of them didn't want to do certain tasks I'd replace them as soon as I could, even if I had to pay their replacement as much as the other nine. It's just that there isn't the will to pay for enough proper hospitals in some places. *coughAmericacough*
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