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Originally Posted by khkramer View Post
• New Feature [Crafting]

Pokémon Nox will have crafting as a feature.

Thing you'll be able to craft:

- Foods (Cake,Bread,Pie etc.)
- Pokéballs (Apricorns)
- Medicine (Potions,elixirs,revives etc)
- Hold Items (Power Band, Focus Sash etc)

Thing you'll be able to gather
- Berries (ofcourse)
- Apricorns
- (Moomoo) milk
- Rocks (mining)

Look forward to screenshots of this new feature in a few days
crafting eh? how will you implement it? I was thinking of adding crafting as well but the problem I have is what sort of material would make sense to be crafted into items or medicine as well as where the player would go to craft

I'll assume you have an idea on how to work it into your game, the question is what sort of materials are you going to use? it would seem weird to craft rocks into hold items (other than those weather stones) regardless, its a great feature to add, and good luck in further production! it sounds like this will be turning out to be a great game!

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