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Lerion Volran

Almost immediately after he offered to help up the girl who seemed to have missed out on the fight Lerion noticed the guy with the cat ears who looked like he had done more than anyone else limp by. The acrid smell of copper and body fluid assaulted his nose, so before he even turned and looked it was quite obvious he guy was hurt, he almost turned to help the guy but it quickly became clear the the girl was a bit more flustered than he first thought. One thing at a time.

He observed her for a moment while she looked back at the group he had just left, she was pretty if short, but he still didn't generally judge even women based off their looks, in some ways he still thought like a wolf. What impressed him were her eyes, they were a beautiful and deep green with an almond shape and had some other quality he couldn't name that he liked. The only scent coming off of her at that moment was chlorine. He was hit by waves of sympathy when he saw her pupils enlarge at the sight of the cat-eared boy...he felt bad, all he had done was make things worse and all he had to show for it was a few cracked ribs and a bruised cheek from hitting the ground.

When the girl fixed him with her query and the matching stare Lerion's heart raced for a moment and he turned away...ever since that human woman he couldn't stand for girls to stare at him, but when she actually finished her question he laughed for a moment. "I hope you're not asking to ride on my shoulders." He joked but the laughter didn't last long. "Yeah I understand, I wasn't really much help with the whole situation, the least I can do is help the people who WERE useful get to the nurse before Ryuu...uh...Sensei yells at us some more. Alright, let's get you up."

Lerion focused his energy, ignoring the steady throbbing in his head he made a small field of energy around her and lifted her to standing position while tightening his grip on her hand to keep her balance. "I guess you should probably keep a hold of me, don't want you to take a spill. This year's already off to a rocky start for me, I'm not gonna let a nice girl be hurt on my watch too." He began to make his way towards the cat-guy, using little TK pushes here or there to help the girl stay upright.

He walked slowly but it wasn't too long before they made it to the other guy. "Hey man, sorry I was just a nuisance as far as the fight went, and thanks for taking that guy who sucker-punched me out of the air out of the fight." He leaned towards the other guy and lowered his left shoulder a bit. "How about you lean on me and I get you two to the nurse? That way I can at least be a bit helpful."

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