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    Christian Davidson

    As he started walking back, Chris was intercepted by Milly and the guy who helped him in the fight earlier. He didn't seem to be injured or anything, but he did notice that they were holding hands, which surpised (not to mention hurt) him a little. It rubbed him the wrong way, but he was too worn out to dispute it at the moment. The guy even went so far as to offer him some help to the infirmary, which was definitely needed.

    Chris decided to accept his help and leaned on the guy's shoulder for support. "Thanks, bud", he said to the guy, "By the way, I'm Chris. Thanks for your support earlier." He then turned to Milly and said, "By the way, I think Sorae is ok." Right after he said that, his dizzyness got worse and almost completely disoriented. He may have just enough energy to get to the infirmary.

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