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When they made it to the guy with cat ears Lerion was glad to see him accept the help, this was no time for pride and in Lerion's experience most men were stupid about such things. He noticed the other guy's gaze linger on Lerion and the girl's hands for a moment and he felt almost intrusive, his face reddened a bit. "Oh um your friend here was having a bit of trouble staying upright too...I was happy to see someone who might be as confused about this whole ordeal as me so I helped out...and she can't really lean on my shoulder with the height difference and I didn't know if I could full on carry her and still help you and um-" He realized he was rambling and shutup for a moment, then the guy introduced himself as Chris.

"Oh that's right...I forgot to introduce myself and ask your names...I'm Lerion, more or less. I don't remember ever being told it was my name...I just sort of knew when I 'woke up' if that makes any sense." Chris seemed to stumble so Lerion put his left arm under his left shoulder for extra support. "Don't worry, if things get worse I have a way I could easily carry both of you...I'd rather not do it but it's an option."

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