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Lillian || Moves: 1. Hi Jump Kick 2. Drain Punch 3. Force Palm 4. Aura Sphere

Lillian noted the way the Treecko narrowed his eyes as he eyed her and all Lillian did was avert her gaze. great, now he'll probably tell me it's none of my business and to go away just like all the others. she thought. "Yeah, I'm fine," was the response she got instead. "I just had a battle with a Gengar, and it was pretty harsh." She heard his tone, and didn't hear any ill attitude towards her just toward the Gengar. "What's your name? Are you here for the expedition of tomorrow as well?"

"My n-name's Lillian" she said softly. To some her tone was possibly unfriendly, but she couldn't help but seem that way at first. "yeah, I'm here for the expedition, what's your name?"