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    Over the course of travelling alongside Marie, Chrome found that he was learning a bit more about her everyday. After spending a week with her, he saw a wide spectrum of emotions. Although, facing the unnatural situations that they faced, it was to be expected. In that same week, they discovered a kidnapping organization who peddled children and an active scientist cult with no regard to the well-being of Pokemon. To Chrome, Marie's reactions were the perfect summary of the things they have experienced.

    So naturally, Chrome's shock would come as no surprise when he seen Marie's smile as they entered Corona City.

    MARIE: We're finally here! I cannot wait to challenge the leader! Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

    It was confusing, to say the least. They were only about hours away from one of the more traumatizing moments of their young lives. Once they arrived, it seemed as if Marie became more focused on her goal to beat the city's Gym Leader.

    Was this the joy of being a trainer? Chrome couldn't be sure. Though he was a little curious about battling Gym Leaders and such, he couldn't take his focus away from the things he heard and saw over the week.

    CHROME: First, we need to get Spinarak to the Pokemon Center.

    MARIE: Right! Besides, I want my Pokemon to be in top shape when I battle the Gym Leader of this city!

    CHROME: [thinking] A bit too joyful if you ask me.

    The walk to the Pokemon Center was a rather silent one. However, what followed would cause a different type of silence for Chrome. Exiting from the sliding door of the Pokemon Center wasn't a face that Marie recognized, but one that Chrome knew all too well.

    CHROME: Mel?!?!

    MELANCHOLY: Huh? Chrome? It's really you!

    Melancholy didn't hesitate to hug her childhood friend. The hug, while tender, left Marie feeling a bit left out and caused Chrome to feel a bit . . . awkward.

    CHROME: Ah, Mel, let me introduce you two. This is Marie.

    MARIE: Hi there!

    MELANCHOLY: Nice to meet you, Marie.

    CHROME: We've been together for a week now.

    The silence that followed that sentence was much different than the other two moments of silence that surrounded Chrome earlier. For Marie, it was the anticipation of Chrome correcting the obvious misunderstanding in his sentence. For Melancholy, it was the hold-up of trying to process the sentence itself. She found herself stuck somewhere in between the crossroads of amazement and jealousy. After seeing that Chrome was oblivious to the messed-up statement, Marie felt the needed to correct it herself.

    MARIE: We've been travelling together. He's my good luck charm!

    The closing statement was followed by a side hug.

    Marie probably should have stopped at the first sentence. It was concise, it was clear. It was well understood. Following with a personal claim to the still oblivious Chrome did nothing to help the original misunderstanding, nor did getting close to him. The silence became awkward for the two young ladies. Chrome would soon segue out of it.

    CHROME: We were just about to challenge the Gym Leader.

    MELANCHOLY: Oh, Sammy?

    MARIE: You know his name?

    MELANCHOLY: Well, yeah, I just beat him not too long ago.

    MARIE: What?!

    CHROME: Wow, Mel, you're fast.

    MELANCHOLY: Well, I haven't really stopped for anything but rest since starting my journey. I breezed right through Corona Forest.

    Chrome wished they could have breezed right through Corona Forest. Still, Chrome was touched by Melancholy's dedication to become League Champion all in order to find Faust. Chrome could tell that she was just as worried about Faust as he was. He wouldn't dare tell her about the child-whoring Mob Squad.

    MARIE: Could you give me any tips?

    MELANCHOLY: Well, he uses Fighting-type Pokemon, so Flying-type are best against him.

    MARIE: But . . . I don't have any Flying-type Pokemon.

    MELANCHOLY: Don't worry, there are some on the route ahead.

    MARIE: Oh! Hey Chrome, I'm going to head there now!

    And before Chrome could respond, Marie was on her way. Suddenly, she decided against giving the optional safety treatment to her Pokemon in favor of catching a new one.

    MELANCHOLY: Hey, Chrome, I've got to ask. What exactly are you two to each other?

    CHROME: Well, she's my travelling buddy. And I'm good luck to her. We've been through a lot together in this past week. That's all.

    MELANCHOLY: [relieved] I thought it was stupid to think you would be like that with someone you met a week ago.

    CHROME: Be like what?

    MELANCHOLY: It's ironic, really. I moved this fast just so I could catch up and travel with you. Now, I've ended up moving ahead of you.

    she totally ignored that last question.

    CHROME: What are you going to do now?

    MELANCHOLY: Well, I'm going to keep moving. The sooner I become League champion, the better.

    CHROME: Well, I guess I'll see you there.

    MELANCHOLY: I hope you will. Be safe, Chrome. Especially with that girl around.

    CHROME: Geez, you're acting more motherly than my own Mom right now.

    MELANCHOLY: Whatever! I'm out of here.

    CHROME: Bye, Mel.

    And with that, Chrome watched Melancholy disappear off towards a direction he had yet to travel. Immediately after, he took the time to heal his new Pokemon alongside his team at the Pokemon Center. While waiting on his Pokemon to heal, he thought about the eagerness of Marie and the determination of Melancholy. Both put their all into being trainers. Marie was entirely focused on it when the time called for it and Melancholy was moving with motivation to find Faust. Here was a reluctant Chrome being hesitant and slow-moving in his journey. He felt like he was behind both of them. For some reason, that made him upset. It just got to him.

    With the finished healing of his Pokemon, Chrome made a sudden decision. It was time to battle the Gym Leader of Corona City.
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