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    Just a quick update.

    I have defeated Giovanni and he was very easy... I've gotten through Victory Road and made it to the Pokemon League. What my team is looking like at the moment...

    Rain/Nidoqueen|Lv. 50
    Mr. Nido/Nidoking|Lv. 54
    Suna/Sandshrew|Lv. 54
    Alleine/Marowak|Lv. 52
    Horuka/Dugtrio|Lv. 51
    Rocky/Rhydon|Lv. 49

    Basically I'm just grinding like crazy at the moment. It's going to be a few levels yet before I'm even remotely comfortable taking on the E4. Unfortunately for me, Lorelei's got a pretty big advantage against my Pokemon so it's going to be hard to get past her.

    I'm thinking I'm mostly going to be relying on my Nidos, Sandshrew and Marowak. Dugtrio doesn't have much for HP and her attack stat doesn't seem to be doing her any favors... Rhydon... eh.. He doesn't learn Earthquake for another 9 levels and he just doesn't have very good moves right now. So.. we'll see.
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